Experimental Education Protocol

The Experimental Education Protocol is an alternative educational model founded by artist Angelo Plessas. Every edition takes place in a new location. Participants are asked to create educational models that revolve around a case study and the local context. The school comes together in an open process whereby different “classrooms” are formed.
The second edition of the Experimental Education Protocol is scheduled to take place from February 25 to March 3 at the Athens School of Fine Arts (AFSA) Delphi Annex. The subject of this edition’s case study is Maria Zamanou-Mickelson, an alleged spy for the Greek and Allied forces during the Second Word War. Zamanou-Mickelson’s task was to “read” the movements of German aircrafts in the sky in the same manner that the Pythia of Delphi “read” the movements of birds, divining omens and predictions.
Every edition of the Experimental Education Protocol selects subjects that offer an interesting, unusual, or particularly revealing set of circumstances. In this symbolic context, ten people from different backgrounds and generations will become Pythias, preparing a task, and keeping their instincts alive in constant intimate contact with each other. The workshop coincides with the ancient Greek tradition of kite flying on Clean Monday to mark the beginning of Lent and various other rituals and traditions of the area.
We welcome local residents and visitors to join and share their own knowledge and stories.
Participants (the list may grow): Andreas Angelidakis, Teddy Coste, Dora Economou, Georges Jacotey, Kosmas Nikolaou, Angelo Plessas, Chrysanne Stathacos, the ASFA students Christopher Christodoulou, Anthi Daoutaki, Antonis Kourkoulos, Myrto Vratsanou, Ida Westh-Hansen, and an appearance by Klea Charitou.