Foundation Class

Weißensee academy of art berlin is happy to announce that 90% of those participants of the *foundationClass 2016 who decided to apply to study at a German art or design academy were successful.
Due to this high success rate and because of a continued interest in the programme, the team started working with a new group in the summer semester 2017.

About the programme:
The programme is geared towards people who have fled to Germany and/or applied for asylum and who had planned to start studying art or design in their home countries, already started such a degree programme, or who plan to switch into such a degree programme.
The programme provides the foundations for applying at German art and design academies and offers the possibility to create or reconstruct lost portfolios, documents and materials, which will enable the participants to apply for the annual artistic aptitude tests.

To realise these goals weißensee art academy provides its entire infrastructure, including workshops, materials, as well as support with bureaucratic problems. The *foundationClass 2017 strives to open up a social space within weißensee academy of art within which knowledge and artistic and design practices are not consumed, but questioned and where new forms of knowledge and practice will be produced collectively.