Strelka Institute

Strelka is a non-governmental institute with an experimental approach, offering a multidisciplinary academic programme. Student research and design at Strelka is always focused on the City, but the research tools used can be adopted from various disciplines, including sociology, economics, architecture, political and cultural studies. Education at Strelka is free of charge and all students receive a monthly scholarship (39 200 rub monthly) that covers living costs. The programme is project-based, each year taking a different format – previously students were allocated to research topics and studios. This year participants of the course work on a theme of ‘Hybrid Urbanism’, forming groups and projects independently through Strelka’s educational process. Architects and researchers from top companies like AMO, McKinsey, MIT, Hyper Island, The Why Factory, the ‘Meganom’ Bureau, Alexander Brodsky, Arch Daily and many others have taught, given lectures and consulted students at Strelka.