The Zz (zee) School of Print Media

The Zz (zee) School of Print Media is a printmaking focused education initiative based in Kansas City, Mo.  We aim to promote print-based public art, encourage exchange between artists and the community, to create opportunities for artists and educators, and to expand the role of printmaking in the visual arts.  In addition to technical services and equipment access, Zz School rounds out artist opportunity with community based projects and conceptual courses. We aim to enable artists diversely, creating opportunities for artists to grow the content of their work in tandem with technical ability.
Zz School exists thanks in part to the generosity of our community.  Beginning Fall 2015, Zz School will open in two locations.  Our screen print courses are taught out of a commercial shop, Oddities Prints, at 602 E. 31st Street and our letterpress shop is located at Vacant Farm, 3333 Roanoke Road.  Having square footage to call our own at Vacant Farm is giving us a place to design and build a teaching print shop that fits the needs of our members.  It is a substantial change and we are excited for the future.
Enrollment at Zz School is open to motivated individuals wanting to develop their skills as artist and learners. Students can expect to be challenged by technique and craft as well as to develop a wider appreciation for art imagery within historical, cultural, and contemporary contexts.
Our goal is to provide unique and challenging courses to our students and a place for experimentation to our instructors. Proudly, the Zz School experience takes place in an environment without administrative interference and at Zz School we strive to always put students and instructors first.