Sarai 09

Sarai 09 war ein über 9 Monate anhaltende Ausstellung. Jeder Künstler hatte eine Woche Aufenthalt und hat Dinge (meistens mit anderen Künstlern) entwickelt und ausgestellt.

Sarai Reader 09 is a forthcoming contemporary art exhibition at the Devi Art Foundation, curated by the Raqs Media Collective. This exhibition will not only aim to bring new works to the public, but also try to generate a desire for an engaging vocabulary of art.
Participants are invited to cross thresholds in their practice and make new discoveries about themselves and their work. Interested participants can send a brief outline (of no more than four A4 pages) in words and with sketches, instructions, images and plans of what they would like to do for the show. Proposals can be submitted in English or in Hindi. The authors of the selected proposals will be given a maximum budget of R15,000 for meeting their cost of production, and a nominal fee for their contribution.

An artist who had been producing recorded ‘auditions’ found several participants amongst his fellow artists; another artist who was working on handmade chap books got many of her peers to write stories for her. A photographer created a self-reflexive archive of the exhibition that he placed on site. An artist who works with drawings developed a new mode of suspending miniature cut-outs made from his drawings as a response to the work of other artists. A performance artist started what he called an ‘unschool’ of performance, which had several of the other artists as pupils. A graphic novelist made and erased a large wall mural several times, translating in time the sequentiality that she works through in frames. Each erasure was an enthusiastically participatory ritual. These are some of the discrete examples that come to mind, but more importantly, there has been a very alive process of osmosis.