The School of the Damned

What is The School Of The Damned (SOTD)?

SOTD is a year-long alternative art course directed by its students. It was founded as a reaction to the increasing financialisation of higher education. The school is constantly redefined by the motives of its students.

Who started it and when?
It was founded by its first year of students – Class of 2014. See PAST for details of alumni. It is currently in its fifth year.

Where is SOTD?
The school is based across the UK and the group communicate and make plans online between meet-ups.

What does SOTD do?
The group meets once a month for the core programme. This programme consists of presentations from guest visitors, crits and a business meeting. Each year re-writes the manifesto written by the previous year.
The students also organise and collaborate on other projects, exhibitions, meetings, talks, interviews, workshops which all form part of the programme of study.

How is SOTD funded?
Guest visitors are remunerated for their time through labour exchange. The students have a range of skills and resources which guests can benefit from in exchange for their time. At present the school doesn’t engage in any financial transactions. However, students inevitably incur personal costs as a result of participating in the programme.

How do I apply to the programme?
Each year group is selected by the previous year group through an Open Call. The Open Call for Class of 2019 will be announced in December 2017 and the year will begin in February 2018.

How do I contact you if I have other questions?
Drop us an email at